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Latent Recordings
Parent company Cowboy Junkies
Founded 1981
Founder Michael Timmins
Alan Anton
Geoff Railton
Brett Wickens
Distributor(s) MapleMusic (Canada)
Zoë Records (U.S.)
Strange Fruit (international)
Genre rock, alternative rock
Country of origin Canada Toronto, Canada
Official website

Latent Recordings is a Canadian independent record label founded in 1981. The label was dormant during the 1990s and early 2000s while the Cowboy Junkies were signed to an American record label, but began to release independently produced albums in the mid-2000s. By the late 2000s, the label had a website selling downloads and CDs of its artists music catalogs.


The label was formed in London by Michael Timmins, Alan Anton, Geoff Railton, and Brett Wickens to produce and distribute their music. After their first three releases, they returned to Canada, where Timmins and Anton formed Cowboy Junkies with Timmins’ siblings Margo and Pete.

In Toronto, the label distributed Cowboy Junkies' first two albums before the band signed with RCA, which rereleased The Trinity Session internationally. For the next few years the label's releases were sporadic offerings produced by Michael Timmins and/or Peter Moore.

After Cowboy Junkies was released from their record contract—by then with Geffen Records— following their 1998 album Miles From Our Home, they revived Latent Recordings and have released their subsequent albums on that label in Canada. The records have been licensed to other independent labels, such as Zoë Records in the United States and Strange Fruit Records in the UK, for international release.

In recent years, the label has again become active in releasing work by other artists as well, including Jim Bryson, Ivy Mairi, Finlayson/Maize, Lee Harvey Osmond and Huron.


Most of Latent Recordings releases have been numbered, with the number preceded by “LATEX” (#s 1–5, V14), or “LATEX CD” (#s >5).

# Album title Artist Recorded
1 Germinal 1 (chrome cassette) Germinal 1983 Aug.
2 DIN (LP) Germinal 1984
3 Hunger Project (LP) Hunger Project 1982 Mar.
4/4c Whites Off Earth Now (LP/cassette) Cowboy Junkies 1986 June
5 The Trinity Session (LP) Cowboy Junkies 1987 Nov.
6 Tell Your Friends There’s Friends Around The Corndogs 1989 Apr.
7 Stone Boat Pat Temple and the High Lonesome Players 1990
8 Library of the Sun John Bottomley 1990
9 What the Hell is Going on? The Corndogs 1991
10 Connecting Lines Pat Temple and the High Lonesome Players 1991 Jan.
 ? The Dark Monkey is Laughing Jeff Bird 1992
 ? Songs With The Ornamental Hermits John Bottomley 1992
11 Rarities, B-sides and slow, sad waltzes Cowboy Junkies 1999 Jun.
12 Rabbit (2-disc) The Corndogs 1995 Nov.
13 Waltz Across America Cowboy Junkies 2000 Oct.
14 The Radio One Sessions Cowboy Junkies 2002 July
V14 Live in Toronto (VHS) Cowboy Junkies 2000 Oct.
 ? Open Cowboy Junkies 2001
16 In The Time Before Llamas Cowboy Junkies 2003 Oct.
 ? One Soul Now Cowboy Junkies 2004
18 Early 21st Century Blues Cowboy Junkies 2005 Mar.
 ? Dark Hollow Finlayson / Maize 2006
 ? rink, the original motion picture soundtrack Jeff Bird 2007
 ? Where The Bungalows Roam Jim Bryson 2007
20 At the End of Paths Taken Cowboy Junkies 2007
21 Well You Ivy Mairi 2007
 ? Yet Will I Be Merry Ivy Mairi 2008
 ? The Foundling Mary Gauthier 2009
23 City of Sirens Skydiggers 2008
24 A Quiet Evil Lee Harvey Osmond 2010
25 Acoustic Junk Cowboy Junkies 2009
26 Huron Huron 2010
27 The History of Forgetting Andy Maize 2010
28 Renmin Park (The Nomad Series Vol. 1) Cowboy Junkies 2010
29 Demons (The Nomad Series Vol. 2) Cowboy Junkies 2010
30 Trail of Smoke Cootes Leland 2011
31 Sing in My Meadow (The Nomad Series Vol. 3) Cowboy Junkies 2011
32 No Talker Ivy Mairi 2011
33 The Wilderness (The Nomad Series Vol. 4) Cowboy Junkies 2012
  • Hunger Project: Alan Anton (guitar), Geoff Railton (drums), Michael Timmins (guitar), & English born Liza Dawson-Whisker (vocals)
  • Germinal: Alan Anton (bass), Geoff Railton (drums), Michael Timmins (guitar), & Richard O’Callaghan (soprano and tenor saxophone)
  • Cowboy Junkies: Alan Anton (bass), Michael Timmins (guitar), Peter Timmins (drums), & Margo Timmins (vocals)
  • The Corndogs: Brodie Lodge (drums, guitar, voice), & Greg Clarke (guitar, bass, voice). Produced by Peter Moore and Michael Timmins
  • Pat Temple and the High Lonesome Players [1]. Produced by Michael Timmins

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