Latin Grammy Award for Best Folk Album

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Latin Grammy Award for Best Folk Album
Awarded for quality albums of the folk music genre
Country United States
Presented by Latin Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences
First awarded 2000
Currently held by Reynaldo Armas for "El caballo de oro"
Official website

The Latin Grammy Award for Best Folk Album is an honor presented annually at the Latin Grammy Awards, a ceremony that recognizes excellence and creates a wider awareness of cultural diversity and contributions of Latin recording artists in the United States and internationally.[1] The award goes to solo artists, duos, or groups for releasing vocal or instrumental albums containing at least 51% of new recordings.[2]

The award was first presented to Argentine singer Mercedes Sosa for the album Misa Criolla at the 1st Latin Grammy Awards ceremony in 2000.[3] She also happens to be the most nominated and awarded performer in this category with five accolades. Her album Cantora 1 became the first folk album to be nominated for Album of the Year in 2009 but lost to Calle 13's Los de atrás vienen conmigo.[4] In 2011 she became the first artist to receive this award posthumously for the album Deja La Vida Volar.[5]

On the other hand, Peruvian singer Eva Ayllón holds the record for most nominations without a win with seven. Musicians originating from Argentina and Colombia have received this award more times than any other nationality winning on four and two occasions respectively.


A woman with long black hair playing the percussions.
Mercedes Sosa, the most awarded performer in this category, with five wins.
A woman in a blue dress holding a microphone with her right hand and smiling to the ground.
The Peruvian ministry of Culture Susana Baca won the award in 2002.
A woman in a flower dress singing to a microphone with her eyes closed.
Lila Downs the first and to date only Mexican to win this award.
A black and white image of three aged men wearing hats. On the left a man playing the gaita, another man at the centre singing to a microphone and on the right another man playing the gaita.
The Colombian ensemble Gaiteros de San Jacinto won the award in 2007.
Year[I] Performing artist(s) Nationality Work Nominees Ref.
2000 Mercedes Sosa  Argentina Misa Criolla [3]
2001 El All-Stars de La Rumba Cubana  Cuba La Rumba Soy Yo [6]
2002 Susana Baca  Peru Lamento Negro [7]
2003 Mercedes Sosa  Argentina Acústico [8]
2004 Kepa Junkera  Spain K
  • Flag of Spain.svg Manuel AlejandroManuel Alejandro y Punto: Homenaje Al Grupo Haciendo Punto en Otro Son
  • Flag of Puerto Rico.svg Ecos de Borinquen — Jíbaro Hasta el Hueso: Mountain Music of Puerto Rico
  • Flag of Argentina.svg Horacio Guarany — Cantor de Cantores
  • Flag of Peru.svg Perú NegroJolgorio
  • Flag of Spain.svg Radio TarifaFiebre
2005 Lila Downs  Mexico One Blood Una Sangre
  • Flag of Chile.svg / Flag of Mexico.svg Camerata Coral and Grupo Tepeu — Misa Criolla – Navidad Nuestra De Ariel Ramírez
  • Flag of Argentina.svg Los NocherosNoche Amiga Mía
  • Flag of Cuba.svg John Santos and El Coro Folklórico Kindembo — Para Ellos
  • Flag of Puerto Rico.svg Various Artists — Homenaje A Luis Miranda "El Pico De Oro"
2006 Mercedes Sosa  Argentina Corazón Libre
  • Flag of Puerto Rico.svg Quique Domenech and Alejandro Croatto — Con El Corazón...
  • Flag of Puerto Rico.svg Grupo Renacer — Puerto Rico Te Saluda...
  • Flag of Argentina.svg Chango SpasiukTarefero De Mis Pagos
  • Flag of Argentina.svg Cacho Tirao — La Guitarra Argentina
  • Flag of Cuba.svg Yoruba Andabo — Rumba En La Habana Con...
2007 Los Gaiteros de San Jacinto  Colombia Un Fuego de Sangre Pura [12]
2008 Cholo Valderrama  Colombia Caballo! [13]
2009 Mercedes Sosa  Argentina Cantora 1 [14]
2010 Ilan Chester  Venezuela Tesoros de la Música Venezolana [15]
2011 Mercedes Sosa  Argentina Deja La Vida Volar - En Gira
  • Flag of Peru.svg Eva Ayllón & Perú Negro — 40 Años de Clasicos Afro Peruanos
  • Flag of Peru.svg Jorge Pardo — Música Tradicional Peruana Homenaje A Arturo Zambo Cavero Y Oscar Aviles
  • Flag of Argentina.svg Soledad PastoruttiVivo En Arequito
  • Flag of Venezuela.svg Santoral — Más Que Enamorao
2012 Lila Downs  Mexico Pecados y Milagros
  • Flag of Peru.svg Eva Ayllón & Inti-Illimani — Eva Ayllón + Inti-Illimani Histórico
  • Flag of Venezuela.svg Reynaldo Armas — Me Emborraché Pa' Olvidarla
  • Flag of Argentina.svg Luciano Pereyra — Con Alma De Pueblo
  • Flag of Bolivia.svg Chuchito Valdés & Eddy Navia — Piano & Charango
2013 Reynaldo Armas  Venezuela El Caballo de Oro
  • Flag of Venezuela.svg Gaêlica — Luz - Una Navidad Celta En Venezuela
  • Flag of Venezuela.svg Gualberto Ibarreto and C4 Trío — Gualberto + C4
  • Flag of Argentina.svg Los NocherosClásicos - El Pecado Original
  • Flag of Colombia.svg María Mulata — De Cantos Y Vuelos
  • Flag of Cuba.svg Chuchito Valdés and Eddy Navia — Carnaval En Piano Charango
2014 Lila Downs, Niña Pastori and Soledad Flag of Mexico.svg, Flag of Spain.svg, Flag of Argentina.svg Raíz
  • Flag of Cuba.svg, Flag of Peru.svg, Flag of Spain.svg Albita, Eva Ayllón and Olga Cerpa — Mujeres Con Cajones
  • Flag of Venezuela.svg C4 Trío and Rafael "Pollo" Brito — De Repente
  • Flag of Argentina.svg Orozco - Barrientos — Tinto
  • Flag of Colombia.svg Totó la MomposinaEl Asunto

^[I] Each year is linked to the article about the Latin Grammy Awards held that year.

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