Latin Grammy Award for Best Ranchero Album

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Latin Grammy Award for Best Ranchero Album
Awarded for quality albums of the ranchero genre
Country United States
Presented by Latin Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences
First awarded 2000
Last awarded 2014
Official website

The Latin Grammy Award for Best Ranchero Album is an honor presented annually at the Latin Grammy Awards, a ceremony that recognizes excellence and creates a wider awareness of cultural diversity and contributions of Latin recording artists in the United States and internationally.[1] The award goes to solo artists, duos, or groups for releasing vocal or instrumental albums containing at least 51% of new recordings in the ranchero music genre.[2]

Vicente Fernández is the most awarded performer in this category having won seven times include once for three consecutive years from 2002 to 2004 and once for four consecutive years from 2008 to 2011. He also holds the record for most nominations with nine. His son, Alejandro Fernández, follows him with two wins (one of which was shared with him) as well as singer Pepe Aguilar.

The award has been presented mostly by artists originating from Mexico in all but three occasions. In 2005 when it was awarded to Puerto Rican singer Luis Miguel, who happens to reside in Mexico, in 2005 for the album México En La Piel[3] and the following two years to an American singer of Mexican origin Pepe Aguilar.


An aged man smiling wearing a charro suit.
Vicente Fernández the most awarded performer in this category with seven wins.
A man in the front singing to a microphone and on the back another man wearing a charro suit and playing the trumpet.
Luis Miguel the first non-Mexican winner in this category.
An man singing to a microphone and wearing a charro suit.
Mexican-American singer Pepe Aguilar winner in 2006 and 2007.
Year[I] Performing artist(s) Nationality Work Nominees Ref.
2000 Fernández, AlejandroAlejandro Fernández  Mexico Mi Verdad [4]
2001 Fernández, PedroPedro Fernández  Mexico Yo No Fuí
  • Paquita la del BarrioPiérdeme El Respeto
  • Mariachi Sol De México — Tequila Con Limón Con El Mariachi
  • Myrza — Homenaje A Fernando Z. Maldonado
  • Manuel VargasPor Amor
2002 Fernández, VicenteVicente Fernández  Mexico Más Con El Número Uno [6]
2003 Fernández, VicenteVicente Fernández  Mexico 35 Aniversario – Lo Mejor de Lara [7]
2004 Fernández, VicenteVicente Fernández and Alejandro Fernández  Mexico En Vivo: Juntos Por Ultima Vez [8]
2005 Luis Miguel  Puerto Rico México En La Piel [3]
2006 Aguilar, PepePepe Aguilar  United States Historias de Mi Tierra [9]
2007 Aguilar, PepePepe Aguilar  United States Enamorado [10]
2008 Fernández, VicenteVicente Fernández  Mexico Para Siempre [11]
2009 Fernández, VicenteVicente Fernández  Mexico Primera Fila [12]
2010 Fernández, VicenteVicente Fernández  Mexico Necesito de tí [13]
2011 Fernández, VicenteVicente Fernández  Mexico El Hombre Que Mas Te Amó [14]
2012 Aguilar, PepePepe Aguilar  United States Más de Un Camino
2013 Fernández, VicenteVicente Fernández  Mexico Hoy
2014 Pepe Aguilar  United States Lástima Que Sean Ajenas
  • Oscar Cruz — ¿Quien Dice Que No?
  • Vicente FernándezMano a Mano: Tangos a La Manera de Vicente Fernández
  • Olivia Gorra — Bésame Mucho España
  • Juan Montalvo — Mujeres Divinas

^[I] Each year is linked to the article about the Latin Grammy Awards held that year.

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