Latin Grammy Award for Best Regional Song

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Latin Grammy Award for Best Regional Song
Awarded for quality regional mexican songs
Country United States
Presented by Latin Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences
First awarded 2000
Last awarded 2011
Official website

The Latin Grammy Award for Best Regional Song is an honor presented annually at the Latin Grammy Awards, a ceremony that recognizes excellence and creates a wider awareness of cultural diversity and contributions of Latin recording artists in the United States and internationally.[1] The award is reserved to the songwriters of a new song containing at least 51% of the lyrics in Spanish. Instrumental recordings or cover songs are not elegible.[2]

The award was first presented to Juan Carlos Medrano for the norteño song "El Carretonero" performed by Los Rieleros del Norte in 2000.[3]

Marco Antonio Solís is the most awarded songwriter with three wins. In 2011 Solí's song ¿A Dónde Vamos a Parar? became the first regional song to be nominated for Song of the Year.[4]

The award has only been presented to songwriters originating from Mexico and the United States. Mexican songwriters have won a total of seven times and American songwriters have received the award in four occasions.


Year[I] Songwriter(s) Nationality Work Performing artist(s)[II] Nominees[III] Ref.
2000 Juan Carlos Medrano  Mexico "El Carretonero" Los Rieleros del Norte [3]
2001 José Vaca Flores  Mexico "Borracho Te Recuerdo" Vicente Fernández [5]
2002 Freddie Martínez  United States "Del Otro Lado Del Porton" Ramón Ayala y Sus Bravos del Norte [6]
2003 Joan Sebastian  Mexico "Afortunado" Joan Sebastian [7]
2004 Marco Antonio Solís  Mexico "Tu Amor O Tu Desprecio" Marco Antonio Solís [8]
2005 Josué Contreras
Johnny Lee Rosas
 United States "Aire" Intocable [9]
2006 Edgar Cortazar
Ernesto Cortazar
Tony Melendez
 Mexico "Aún Sigues Siendo Mia" Conjunto Primavera
  • Mauricio L. Arriaga and J. E. Murgia — "Contra Viento y Marea" (Intocable)
  • Freddie Martínez — "Corazón De Fierro" (Jimmy González y Grupo Mazz)
  • Joan Sebastian — "Más Allá Del Sol" (Joan Sebastian)
  • Ana Gabriel — "Sin Tu Amor" (Ana Gabriel)
2007 Freddie Martinez  United States "A Las Escondidas" Joe Lopez featuring Jimmy González y Grupo Mazz .[11]
2008 Joan Sebastian  Mexico "Estos Celos" Vicente Fernández
  • Freddie Martínez — "Búscame En El Cielo" (Jimmy González y Grupo Mazz)
  • Charlie Corona and Jesse Turner — "Decirte Te Quiero" (Siggno)
  • Adolfo Angel — "Si Tú Te Vas" (Los Temerarios)
2009 Marco Antonio Solís  Mexico "No Molestar" Marco Antonio Solís [13]
2010 Yoel Henriquez
Paco Lugo
 United States "Amarte a La Antigua" Pedro Fernández [14]
2011 Marco Antonio Solís  Mexico "Tú Me Vuelves Loco" Marco Antonio Solís [4]
  • ^[I] Each year is linked to the article about the Latin Grammy Awards held that year.
  • ^[II] The performing artist is only listed but does not receive the award.
  • ^[III] Showing the name of the songwriter(s), the nominated song and in parentheses the performer's name(s).

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