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Latonia is a former city, now neighborhood of Covington in Kenton County, Kentucky, United States. It was annexed to Covington in 1909.[1]

Latonia's geographical coordinates are 39.048N, 84.508W, and its elevation above sea level is 531 feet. It is entirely within the eastern time zone of the United States. Latonia, not to be confused with the neighboring community of Latonia Lakes, is located in the southern part of the city of Covington. It includes residential, commercial and manufacturing areas. Among the places of worship in Latonia are Ballinger Institution of Religious Artifacts, Calvary Baptist Church, Latonia Christian Church, Latonia Baptist Church, and Holy Cross Roman Catholic Church.

The Latonia Race Track, one of the South's premier thoroughbred racing facilities from 1883 to 1939, and was located in Latonia. The Latonia track drew the best horses, jockeys and trainers to its events. The Latonia Race track was later reopened in Florence, KY in 1959 and changed its name to Turfway Race track in 1982. The Latonia Shopping Center now occupies most of the original Latonia Race Track site.


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Coordinates: 39°02′53″N 84°30′32″W / 39.04806°N 84.50889°W / 39.04806; -84.50889