Latvian Land Forces

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Latvian Land Forces
Latvian Land Forces logo.png
Latvian Land Forces
Active 1991–present
Country  Latvia
Type Army
Size 971 professionals, 1287 officers, 1945 NCOs and 10642 Volunteers total: 14845[1]

The Latvian Land Forces (Latvian: Sauszemes Spēki, SZS) form the regular contingent of the National Armed Forces of Latvia and provide for the defense of all national territories. The development of the Land Forces is directed towards improving their combat and professional capabilities.


Latvian soldier in Iraq

The main task of the Land Forces is to defend the national territory during a military threat within the scope of the NATO Treaty, as well as to prepare the Land Force units for their deployment to international missions.

The main mission of the Land Forces is to:

  • Provide for the defense of all national territories;
  • Ensure combat readiness and the mobilization of units;
  • Exterminate explosives;
  • Provide public assistance.


Latvian military units and bases
Source: Jane's World Armies Issue 23 - 2008
Note: "Special Tasks Unit" is a special forces unit of battalion size.
Soldier from NAF 1st Infantry Battalion during exercises

Land Forces Infantry Brigade

  • Headquarters
  • HQ and Signal Company
  • 1st Infantry Battalion
  • 2nd Infantry Battalion
  • Fire Support Battalion
  • Combat Support Battalion


The Latvian Land Forces have been participating in peacekeeping operations abroad since 1996. Currently, NAF soldiers are deployed on six international peacekeeping missions – in Afghanistan, Georgia, Kosovo, Macedonia. and Bosnia.


Military vehicles[edit]

Name Image Origin Type Variants Quantity Notes
Main battle tank
T-54/55 T-55AM2B at Panzermuseum Munster.jpg  Poland Tank
3 used only for training
Combat Vehicle Reconnaissance
CVR(T) FV107 Scimitar IFV.jpg  United Kingdom Combat Vehicle Reconnaissance
123[2] (last vehicle must be delivered by 2016) All vehicles will be upgraded and overhauled. Some of them will be equipped with anti-tank guided missiles.
Armoured cars
HMMWV US Navy 060322-N-5438H-018 U.S. Army soldiers assigned to the Bravo Battery 3rd Battalion 320th Field Artillery Regiment along with Iraq Army soldiers from the 1st Battalion 1st Brigade 4th Division perform a routine patrol.jpg  United States Armoured cars 60 some equipped with HK GMG,
Snatch Land Rover Land Rover Snatch-Vixen vehicle 01.jpg  United Kingdom Armoured cars
Mercedes-Benz MB 1017.jpg  Germany Truck
Scania  Sweden Truck
Light vehicles
Mercedes-Benz Puch G Bundesheer.jpg  Germany SUV
Volvo Volvo C303 front q.jpg  Sweden SUV4x4
C serie
Chevrolet Lithuanian M1008 CUCV.jpg  United States SUV4x4
Special vehicles
Bv 206 Hagglunds Bv206 25th US Marines 2.jpg  Sweden Amphibious tracked vehicle
Bv 206A
Bv 206F
Husqvarna Husqvarna enduro.JPG  Sweden Motorcycles


Air defence[edit]

  • Sweden RBS 70 short-range man-portable air-defence system (MANPAD).

Anti-tank weapons and grenade launchers[edit]

Assault rifles and machine guns[edit]

Pistols, shotguns and sniper rifles[edit]


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