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Egyptian Revival style Launceston Synagogue on St John Street

The Launceston Synagogue is a heritage-listed building located in St. John's Street, Launceston, Tasmania.

Built in 1844 by Tasmanian builders Barton and Bennell, the building is Australia's second-oldest synagogue[1] (after the Hobart Synagogue), the oldest place of non-Christian worship in Launceston, and is a rare example of an Egyptian revival architecture in Australia.[2][3] The building features a distinctly trapezoidal facade and main window bearing the Star of David with a single balcony on the inside accessed via the rear of the building.

The synagogue closed as a house of worship in 1871 (re-opening again in the 1930s for a period), and today the building is in the care of the National Trust of Australia.


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