Laura Biathlon & Ski Complex

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Laura Biathlon & Ski Complex
Laura Biathlon & Ski Complex during 2014 Winter Olympics (ski stadium).JPG
Location Sochi, Russia
Coordinates 43°41′33″N 40°19′31″E / 43.692564°N 40.325396°E / 43.692564; 40.325396Coordinates: 43°41′33″N 40°19′31″E / 43.692564°N 40.325396°E / 43.692564; 40.325396
Capacity 7,500 Olympic Mode[1]
Opened 2013[1]
2014 Winter Olympics (cross-country skiing and biathlon)
2014 Winter Paralympics (cross-country skiing and biathlon)[1]

The Laura Biathlon & Ski Complex is a skiing venue located on the crests and slopes of Psekhako Ridge in Krasnaya Polyana, Russia. For the 2014 Winter Olympics and Paralympics in neighboring Sochi, it hosted the biathlon and the cross-country skiing portion of the Nordic combined events.[1]

Seating 7500 at both the biathlon and the cross country skiing areas, it was first used in June 2013.[1]