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Laura Hernández Pérez is a Puerto Rican colon hydrotherapist, journalist and actress, best known for her groundbreaking work, as an entertainment show host and reporter in "A Fuego" (an innovative concept in Puerto Rican Television), and then at Univision's Puerto Rico morning news, as anchor woman at the "Art and Culture" special section.

Her talent, charisma, intelligence and beauty made her one of the most popular public figures in Puerto Rico since she started in the entertainment business in 1995.


Hernández, is a polifacetic women that has succeed in several professions and in the communications field during her life.

In 1996 she obtained the fourth place in the Miss Puerto Rico pageant, representing Fajardo city. Later in 1997 she obtained the third place in the Miss World beauty pageant representing the town of Hatillo, afterwards, she finished her Master Degree in Economics in the University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras campus.

In 1998 she debuted in the movie "Impacto Mortal", a local production, along with Ricky Vázquez, with whom she would share hosting duties on the Univision entertainment show A Fuego. She later starred in another local movie titled Complot, again with Vázquez.

During this time, she opened a boutique called Porte which became very popular in a short time period.

She hosted the radio show Estudio X on the local radio station La Nueva X for several years.

In theatre, she performed in plays such as El HP ("The SOB"), Tus Compañeros de Cama I ("Your Bed Partners I") and Tus Compañeros de Cama II ("Your Bed Partners II").

In September 2002, when her career, as a journalist, was ascending and very promising, she was arrested in Dominican Republic with her husband Marcos Irizarry, which she just married three months before. She was accused accomplice her husband in a drug trafficking case. She was released in 2005, after three years in prison, of a seven year sentence, because a lack of conclusive evidence.

Hernández has been married twice, first to entrepreneur Maximiliano Paglia (from 2001 to 2002), and later to Marcos Irizarry, (from 2002 to 2006)

Laura, also completed a Master in Digital Journalism in the Barcelona Autonomic University in Spain.


Hernández has had chronic stomach disease since she was a child, and her condition worsened the first weeks she was in jail, requiring hospitalization at a medical center outside jail. Her arrest and subsequent trial made the headlines all over Puerto Rico-- El Nuevo Dia, El Vocero, and other newspapers gave it wide coverage. During her convalescence she also received frequent visits from family members and friends.

Release from Jail[edit]

She was released on August 26, 2005 with a special permit, from the judge, that grants her free and complete access to Dominican Republic territories. Normally, under Dominican laws, an ex convict or dangerous person, would never be able to return to the country. [1]

After her return to Puerto Rico, she began working as a show host, alongside Antonio Sanchez, in Sanchez's production of No Te Duermas, televised on Telemundo Puerto Rico. She remained on No te Duermas until October 2007.

Recent Years[edit]

In recent years, she achieved certifications as a Life Coach and Colon Hydrotherapist. She is the first colon hydrotherapist, in Puerto Rico, that popularized this practice, with new and modern hydrotherapy systems, in the island. Her business is helping people to achieve a better health. She still make seldom appearances in local media and is currently involved in several projects in different fields (as she always).