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Laura Noble (born Manchester 1974) is an English writer, gallerist and artist.


Laura Noble writes for numerous publications including Next Level and Image magazines, as a regular columnist in London Independent Photography and as Editor-at-large for Photoicon Magazine.[1] Noble has written for a number of monographs and is the author of The Fine Art of Collecting Photography.[2]

Diemar/Noble Photography[edit]

In 2009, after several years at The Photographers' Gallery she established the Diemar/Noble Photography Gallery in London with photographic consultant Michael Diemar.[3] The gallery stocked and exhibited a wide range of photographic work, from the medium’s early masters to current and cutting-edge contemporary work. The gallery's agenda intended to promote new photography to as wide an audience as possible, by presenting new or little seen works in context with classic proponents of the medium. In 2010, it was selected as the host gallery for the Prix Pictet commission by Ed Kashi.[4] In the same year, Time Out called Diemar/Noble "one of the capital's top spots for photography."[5] The gallery closed in August 2012.[6]

L A Noble Gallery[edit]

Noble founded the L A Noble Gallery in September 2012. It was launched at the Unseen Photo Fair in Amsterdam.[7] Noble is the sole director of the gallery which enables her to concentrate on predominantly contemporary photography.

Lectures and Appearances[edit]

A passionate advocate of photography as a fine art, she lectures in the UK and abroad to students, photographers and collectors on the subject.

From 2009 to 2013, Laura Noble was selected for the panel of international experts delivering portfolio reviews at Les Rencontres d'Arles[8] and as a member of the judging committee for The Renaissance Arts Prize - Photography and Video Art Awards. She has delivered seminars on collecting photography at Westminster University, Rochester University, Glasgow Art Fair[9] and at Fundacio Foto Colectania, Barcelona.[10] At the latter, she was invited to host the interview presentation with photographer Albert Watson.

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