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For the model, see Laura Young (model).

Laura Young is a Canadian classical guitarist. She was born in Toronto and now lives in Barcelona, where she teaches at the Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya.

She is a member of the Trio de Cologne.


  • Solo (AS 2017 2, Al Segno, marketed by artelier media)
    mp3: Joaquin Turina - Sevillana (Fantasia)
  • Laura Young & Frances Pappas
    Works for guitar and voice by Granados, Domeniconi, Theodorakis and Jasbar. (Al Segno?)
  • DEWA
    Stefan Soewandi - Guitarworks II (double CD)
    CD 1: Zoran Dukic: Träumerei über ein javanisches Volkslied (Reverie on a Javanese Folk-Songs)
    CD 1: Siegbert Remberger: Fantasia on a Theme by Tárrega
    CD 1: Carlo Marchione: Kamajaya
    CD 2: Laura Young: Dewa - Seven Short Etudes
    CD 2: Enno Voorhorst: Irrlicht - Sonate
    CD 2: The Guitar4mation: Ismaya - Sonatina II for Guitar Quartet
    CD 2: Martin Schwarz: Six Studies of a Dream

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