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Laureen Oliver is an US politician who co-founded the New York State Independence Party.


In 1992 Oliver Co-Founded the New York State Independence Party with B. Thomas Golisano.[1] Prior to the Independence Party Oliver served as the Monroe County Chairwoman of United We Stand America.[2]

Oliver served as Founding State Chairwoman of Independence Party[3] from 1993 to 1998. She also served as a National Delegate to the Reform Party.

In 1994, she was the party's nominee for Comptroller of New York State. In 1998, she was the running mate of B. Thomas Golisano for Lieutenant Governor. The Golisano/Oliver ticket finished third, behind the Republican ticket of Gov. George Pataki and Judge Mary Donohue and the Democratic ticket of New York City Council Speaker Peter Vallone and Brighton Town Supervisor Sandra Frankel.

In 1996 she served on Governor Lamm's presidential committee and nominated him at the 1996 Reform Party's National Convention in Long Beach, California.

1998 Results for NYS Governor and Lieutenant Governor

1994 Race for NYS Comptroller

  • Carl McCall (D-L), 45.15%
  • Herbert London (R-C-RTL), 40.48%
  • Laureen Oliver (I), 1%


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