Lauren Andino

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Lauren Andino
Lauren Andino - Interview Image.jpg
Lauren Andino (left) and Derek Mabra (right) of DL Skateboards during an interview with Cool Hunting.
Background information
Born (1986-07-07) 7 July 1986 (age 28)
Columbia, South Carolina, United States
Genres Shoegaze, Grunge, Alternative Rock
Occupations Artist, Musician, Skateboarder, Painter
Instruments Guitar, drums, vocals
Years active 1998–present
Associated acts Sun Colony
Notable instruments
Fender Jaguar
Fender Mustang

Lauren Andino (born July 7, 1986) is an American artist, skateboarder, musician, and co-founder of DL Skateboards. Raised in Columbia, South Carolina, Andino moved to Brooklyn, New York as a young adult where she played in several bands before starting DL Skateboards with her boyfriend, Derek Mabra, in 2011.[1] Of her inspiration for starting the company, she told Vogue Magazine:

In the 1960s, if you wanted a skateboard, you carved and painted it yourself, and that is what we make, a classic skateboard with a modern twist.[2]

Andino designs and paints each DL Skateboard collection. In an interview with The New York Daily News, she explained:

A lot of the designs come from '60s, surf style or a classic kid toys, and they are hand-painted. So even if you get the same design, each board is different.[3]

In 2014, Marie Claire Magazine named her one of 5 Women Running the Show Behind Iconic Male Brands along with executives from Anheuser Busch, Playboy, and ESPN.[4] The Daily Beast profiled her as a "skater chick turned entrepreneur".[5]

She is also the singer and guitarist for the shoegaze pop band Sun Colony.

Since 2012, Andino has been a student at Southwestern Law School.[6]

She currently resides in Topanga Canyon, CA.


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