Lauren LoGiudice

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Lauren LoGiudice
Lauren LoGiudice in NY 1002584.jpg
Lauren LoGiudice - NYC 2011
Born Lauren LoGiudice
Queens, New York, U.S.
Occupation Actress, writer
Years active 2007–present

Lauren LoGiudice (born c. 1980) is an actress and writer. She is best known for her work in When Harry Tries to Marry and Flick's Chicks. After the release of When Harry Tries to Marry, LoGiudice was called a "rising star."[1]

Early life[edit]

LoGiudice grew up in the Howard Beach section of Queens, New York.[2] After graduating from Wesleyan University in 2002,[3] LoGiudice obtained the American India Foundation William J. Clinton Fellowship Award for service in India. During her tenure in Bangalore, India, she worked with a non-profit organization that served victims of AIDS and studied Bharata Natyam.

After attending Lakme Fashion Week in Bombay as a guest of the designer Dev r Nil, LoGiudice decided to pursue acting back in New York. When she returned, she studied at the most prestigious acting schools in New York: Michael Howard Studios and the T. Schreiber Conservatory.[4]

Shortly after, LoGiudice met writer Sharyn Jackson and the two created the infamous "Victoria" party.[5] They continue to produce a yearly Golden Girls event, in 2011 attended by Rue McClanahan's estate.[6]


LoGiudice began her performance career at several off-off-Broadway theaters and immediately earned attention. Her portrayal of the German philosopher Hannah Arendt was noted by The New York Times as “fierce” and “beautiful.”[7]

In 2008 LoGiudice began working in the entertainment industry in Italy, particularly in Rome.[8] LoGiudice still travels to Italy to perform.

LoGiudice was named in Go Magazine's "100 Women We Love" in 2008. They said: "With all that ambition and focus to LoGiudice's natural beauty and talent and you've got a recipe for success. Just remember, you heard about her here first".[9]

In 2009 LoGiudice wrote “Queens Girl,” an autobiographical solo show.[10] LoGiudice toured the play in Stockholm, New York, San Francisco, Portland and New Orleans.[11] It was noted by Backstage as a valuable performance and marketing tool.[12]

Next LoGiudice was cast in the feature film "Flick's Chicks", as the love interest.[13] Later that year she appeared in “All My Children”.[14]

LoGiudice met acting teacher Lynn Singer in 2009 and began seriously studying vocal production. Under Singer’s tutelage, LoGiudice formally learned to speak without a New York accent, which greatly expanded her casting options and opportunities. In 2010 Sam Roberts included LoGiudice in The New York Times feature story about the process.[15] The corresponding video, created by Erik Olsen and featuring LoGiudice, was the number-one emailed video on for a whole week.[16] Consequently, the BBC covered LoGiudice's story.[17]

In 2009 LoGiudice formed a production company with Kelsy Chauvin called Over/Under Productions. The two have created three short films: "Bridal Party", "Yes and No", and Reality Check, as well as the web series "Ciao Grandma". "Bridal Party" premiered at the Gotham Screen Film Festival.

In 2009 LoGiudice met Sheetal Vyas at the Tribeca Film Festival.[18] Vyas later cast LoGiudice in the feature film "When Harry Tries to Marry". The movie opened in theaters in 2011. LoGiudice earned accolades for her performance—the front page of the Queens Courier, as well as the Gazette called LoGiudice a “rising star."[19]


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