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Laurentian (French: Laurentides or Laurentien) may refer to:



  1. Relation to Saint Lawrence
  2. Relation to the Saint Lawrence River
  3. Laurentia, the craton at the heart of the North American continent
  4. Canadian Shield, also known as the Laurentian Shield or the Laurentian Plateau.
  5. The Laurentian Divide, also known as the "Northern Divide", a continental divide in North America
  6. The Laurentian mountains in Quebec
  7. Laurentian Upland
  8. The Laurentian Abyss or Abyssal - a trench off the eastern coast of Canada
  9. The Laurentides, administrative region in Quebec
  10. Laurentides Wildlife Reserve, in Quebec
  11. Saint-Lin–Laurentides, a municipality in Quebec
  12. Laurentien (Quebec City) (in French: quartier "Notre-Dame-des-Laurentides"), a borough in Quebec City, Quebec
  13. Laurentian, Ontario, a neighborhood within Valley East, Ontario


  1. Laurentian University in Sudbury, Ontario
  2. The Laurentian Bank of Canada
  3. The Laurentian language, a language in the Iroquoian family of languages
  4. Laurentian Codex, a Russian manuscript
  5. The Laurentian (train), a train operated by the Delaware & Hudson
  6. Princess Laurentien of the Netherlands, a member of the Dutch royal family
  7. Laurentien (art supplies), a Canadian brand of art supplies
  8. Laurentian System in Star Trek
  9. The Laurentian Society, a student society of Trinity College, Dublin University
  10. A Territorial divisions represented Senate of Canada.
  11. The former federal riding of Laurentides.
  12. The Laurentide (beer), beer produced and distributed in Quebec.

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