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Lauris Reiniks
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Background information
Birth name Lauris Reiniks
Born (1979-07-11) July 11, 1979 (age 35)
Dobele, Latvia
Origin Riga, Latvia
Genres Pop, pop-rock
Occupation(s) Singer, songwriter, actor, TV Host
Years active 1999–present
Labels MicRec (2008–present)
MicRec PM(2005–2008)
Platforma Records (2002–2005)

Lauris Reiniks (born July 11, 1979 in Dobele, Latvia) is a Latvian pop music singer, songwriter, television host, and actor. Lauris has graduated from Jelgava Music college, studied communication studies and the University of Latvia and trained as an actor in acting schools in Los Angeles, California. He has released eight solo albums and singles in 11 languages. As a composer and recording artist Lauris Reiniks has received more than 20 National Latvian awards and has gained international recognition especially in the Baltic States. Lauris Reiniks is also the Season 1 winner of Latvian "Dancing With The Stars" show. The millions of views of his music videos on YouTube has officially made him a "Queen of YouTube" in Latvia.[1]

Early years[edit]

Lauris was born in the Lithuanian town of Klaipeda, grew up in a musical family in Tērvete. Lauris' first appearance on television was at the age of five, singing in a show called Neighbors Meet. As a kid and teenager, Lauris was a soloist in a pop-rock group called “AURI” formed by his father. Together with this band Lauris gained his first stage experience; participating in different children music festivals, contests and other musical activities.

The Reiniks family (mother Dace, father Arturs, sister Rita) used to be one of the most active singing families in the country. They regularly appeared on a broadcast called "Spiets" (The Swarm) and toured around Latvia with concerts.

In 1998, Latvian Television noticed Lauris and offered him to host a new musical TV show called "Nošu Spēles" (Game of Throne).

The show brought Lauris together with the top popular Latvian composer Raimonds Pauls who invited Lauris to participate in several his music projects and record songs. This collaboration lasted for one year when Lauris realized he could write his own music and be an independent artist.

The management company "Aktiv Music" approached Lauris Reiniks in 2000 and offered him a record deal with Platforma Records company. That was a moment when Lauris stepped into the "big" scene of Latvian pop music and started his way to fame.

Music career highlights[edit]

Lauris Reiniks' most popular and renowned songs In Latvia are "Sirds Sadeg Neparasti", "Es Neesmu Neprātīgs", "Tik Balti", "Es Tev Apmulsis", "Tev Šodien Vienalga", "Es Esmu Tev Dzīslās" in a hit duet with his sister Rūta, "Pasakā" in a duet with Aisha and his 2010 Baltic super smash hit "Es skrienu" (I'm running). Most of his Latvian songs are written in collaboration with Mārtiņš Freimanis who wrote lyrics to Lauris's music. Lyrics for songs in English are written by Lauris Reiniks himself, Dutch writer Edward Van De Vendel and American writer Gordon Pogoda.

  • Three times Lauris Reiniks has been a winner of the annual Universality Prize, awarded every four years, which is offered by AKKA/LAA the Latvian copyright agency for those songs that have been played most often on the radio and television in Latvia. "Tell Me" (2004) in a duet with Marija Naumova, "Sirds Sadeg Neparasti" (2007) song that had received all major music awards in Latvia already in 2003 and "Es skrienu" (2012).
  • He has been a voice of a Coca-Cola commercial in Latvia.
  • The 2003 album Lidot savādāk (To Fly Differently) certified Gold ( 800 copies sold)
  • In 2005 the Latvian edition of BBC popmusic magazine Top Of The Pops awarded Lauris with a title of "Latvian National Megastar 2004".
  • In 2005 Lauris Reiniks releases a song "And You Came" in a duet with Estonian singer Maarja which becomes a hit both in Latvia and parts of Estonia.
  • In 2009 marketing and public relations specialists from who presented a list of Latvia’s seven most successful pop musicians ranked Lauris second, right after the band Brainstorm.
  • His latest 2010 studio album Es skrienu was awarded the "Bestest Pop Album" at Annual Latvian Music Awards 2010. The title song "Es skrienu" from the same album was officially the best selling song of 2010 on – the biggest mp3 shop in Latvia.[2][3]
  • In 2010 Lauris Reiniks's song, video "Es skrienu" very fast becomes a top national mega-blockbuster. "Es skrienu" song has been recorded and released also in 8 more languages – Estonian ("Ma jooksen"), Lithuanian ("Aš bėgu"), Russian ("Я бегу"), Italian ("Correrò da te"), German ("Ich Renne"), English ("I Will Run") and Turkish ("Koşuyorum"),[4] hitting the radio charts and dance clubs in all three Baltic States – Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania. The German version "Ich renne" has been included in several compilations in Germany, released by EMI Germany.[5][6][7][8]
  • With a music video for "Es skrienu" song Lauris has set the Baltic record as the first Baltic artist who has reached over 1 million views on YouTube in a very, very short period of time. That happened with a Lithuanian version called "Aš bėgu".[9][10][11][12]
  • In 2011 Lauris Reiniks' song "Aš bėgu" wins "Song Of The Century" award in Lithuania on TV3 Lithuania show "Vaikų Balsas 2011".
  • On June 1, 2011 Lauris Reiniks releases his first album in Lithuania called "Aš bėgu". The album is Lithuanian adaptation of Lauris's award winning Latvian album "Es skrienu", featuring tracks in Lithuanian from the original Latvian album as well as previously unpublished English versions of Lauris's most popular Latvian songs.[13]
  • In July, 2011 Lauris Reiniks releases his first album in Estonia called "Ma jooksen" ("I'm Running"). The album is Estonian adaptation of Lauris's award winning Latvian album "Es skrienu", featuring tracks in Estonian from the original Latvian album as well as previously unpublished English versions of Lauris's most popular Latvian songs.[14]
  • September 2011, Lauris Reiniks "Es skrienu" album certifies Gold (5 000 sold CDs) in Latvia.[15]
  • February 2012, Lauris Reiniks wins " Radio Hit Of The Year" award with a song "Es skrienu" at Latvian Music Awards 2011.[16]
  • August 2012, the French version of "Es skrienu" ("Je cours") is released on YouTube.
  • November 2012, Lauris Reiniks releases Christmas album "Lauris Reiniks Ziemassvētkos" followed by a concert-show in Arena Riga on December 20 (nearly 7.000 people in attendance)


Ever since 1998 Lauris Reiniks has been hosting several TV shows for Latvian Television LTV, TV3 Latvia (Viasat) and LNT Television. Lauris has done several National TV commercials and print ads. In 2010 Lauris gets his first National TV award "Zelta Vilnis 2009" (Golden Wave) in a nomination "TV Personality Of The Year".

Lauris Reiniks has be a host of following TV shows and projects:

Dancing With The Stars[edit]

On April 8, 2007 live on TV3 Latvia Lauris Reiniks becomes the first season winner of Latvian "Dancing with the Stars" (Dejo ar Zvaigzni). He was partnered by a professional ballroom dancer and many time Latin dance champion – Aleksandra Kurusova. In the spring of 2008, an ABC Television affiliate in California, USA presented a story about Lauris as a successful pop musician and winner of the Latvian version of "Dancing with the Stars".[17]

4 years later (2011) Lauris Reiniks is invited to participate in the same kind of show in Lithuania -"Šok su manimi" (Dance with me) on TV3 Lithuania. After 3 episodes, Lauris and his partner Aleksandra gave their place to the eliminated couple and withdrew from the show.


Lauris Reiniks's acting credits include a role of Rolf in a musical The Sound Of Music in 2004/2005 and Olympus in a musical "Autoplanet" in 2005. In May, 2007 Lauris Reiniks starts working on "Dancis pa trim" (Three to Dance) produced by "Kaupo" film studio. He is playing Edvards, a Latvian soldier during the latter stages of World War II. The movie comes out on very bigging screens in Latvia in 2011. In 2010-2012 Lauris Reiniks is playing one of the lead roles in the well-known play "Ladies Night" (Kailie Brieži) produced by Domino Teatras and staged at National Theater in Riga.

Eurovision Song Contest / Eirodziesma[edit]

  • 2001 – Lauris Reiniks in a duet with Linda Leen finishes 2nd at Latvian National selection with a song "I Wish I Knew".
  • 2002 – Lauris Reiniks finishes 5th at Latvian National selection Eirodziesma 2002 with a song "My Memory Tape".
  • 2003 – along with Mārtiņš Freimanis and Yana Kay a trio F.L.Y. has been created specially for Eurovision Song Contest Latvian selection. With a song "Hello From Mars" they won the National preliminaries and represented Latvia at Eurovision Song Contest 2003 taking place in Riga. The song finished 24th, which is the lowest ever finish by a host country performer.[18]
  • 2009 – Lauris Reiniks's song "I wish I could pretend" performed by Kristina Zaharova finishes 2nd in Irish Eurovision Finals "Eurosong 2009".[19]
  • 2010 – Lauris Reiniks' song "Your Morning Lullaby" gets into the finals of Latvian Eurovision National preliminaries "Eirodziesma 2010" finishing 4th.
  • 2011 – Lauris Reiniks finishes 2nd at Latvian Eurovision National preliminaries "Eirodziesma 2011" with his song "Banjo Laura". The Spanish version "La chica del Banjo" of the song is being released a month later.


  • Planet 42 (2002)
  • Lidot savādāk (2003)
  • Tik balti (2003)
  • Never Look Back (with F.L.Y.) (2003)
  • Debesskrāpju spīts (2005)
  • Nakts veikalā (2007)
  • Es skrienu (2010)
  • Aš bėgu (2011)
  • Ma jooksen (2011)
  • Lauris Reiniks Ziemassvētkos (2012)


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