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Native to Cambodia, Laos
Native speakers
59,000  (2005–2008)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 Variously:
brb – Lave
krr – Kru’ng
krv – Kavet

Brao is a Mon–Khmer language of Cambodia and Laos.


According to Ethnologue, there are four distinct but mutually intelligible varieties, sometimes considered separate languages: Lave (Brao proper), Kru’ng (Kreung), and Kavet (Kravet), the latter spoken by only a couple thousand.

Sidwell (2003) also lists four communities of speakers, three of which are in Cambodia.


Sidwell (2003) suggests the possibility of a total of 50,000 speakers, while Bradley (1994:161) gives an estimate of 35,000. All estimates below are drawn from Sidwell (2003:30).

  • Laos: The 1995 Laotian census places the Laveh population at 17,544.
  • Cambodia: The Asian Development Bank gave an estimate of 29,500 speakers as of the early 2000s.
  • Vietnam: About 300 Brau live in Đắc Mế village, Bờ Y commune, Ngọc Hồi district, Kon Tum province (Đặng, et al. 2010:112).[2] Parkin (1991:81) also estimates several hundred Brao in Vietnam.
  • Thailand: Parkin (1991:81) estimates a Brao population of 2,500 in Thailand.


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Further reading[edit]

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