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Laverstoke Park Farm is a Hampshire organic farm near Laverstoke, England, UK, owned by Jody Scheckter.

The farm has turned into a substantial business and is 2500 acres in size and follows biodynamic principles. It has pigs, cows, sheep, chickens and notably water buffalo along with an on-site abattoir. The farm is also involved in research with the Soil Association.[1]

Laverstoke Park Farm has won a number of awards[2] for its products. It sells meat and buffalo dairy products through the Waitrose supermarket chain and the Ocado online supermarket. It also has a butchers shop in Twickenham - and sells meats, meat products and buffalo dairy products from its farm shop and via its website.

In October 2012 a complaints panel ruled that Laverstoke's label was inappropriate for selling alcoholic beverages because it might appeal to children, and ordered retailers signed to the Portman Group' Code to stop ordering the beer and lager produced under a Laverstoke license. Laverstoke Park Farm's founder said the order may spell the end of beer production for the farm.[3]


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