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Map of the state of São Paulo, Brazil pointing Lavrinhas
Coat of Arms Flag
Lavrinhas brasao.png Lavrinhas bandeira.png
State: São Paulo
Meso-region: Vale do Paraíba Paulista
Microrregions: Guaratinguetá
Founded: 27 June 1888
Location: 22.508/22° 34' 15" S, 46.902/46° 54' 8" W
Area: 167.38 km²
Change from 2000
up from 11.4%
Population density: 39.98/km²
Elevation: 508 m
Postal code: 12790-xxx
Area/distance code: (00)55-19-365x-xxxx
Climate: Subtropical
Name of inhabitants or denomym: Lavrinhense
Population Statistics (as of 2001)
Urban: 5,307
Rural: 701
Literacy rate: 89.84%

Lavrinhas is a municipality in the state of São Paulo in Brazil. The population in 2004 is 6,692 and the area is 167.38 km2 (64.63 sq mi). The elevation is 508 m (1,667 ft). The state of Minas Gerais is bounded to the north.

Coat of arms[edit]

Its coat of arms has a red shield with the tag at the bottom reading Cave nam Viglio with two soldiers on each side and with three swords over three mountaintops coloured in orange.


Its flag colors are white on the left side and yellow on the right side with its coat of arms of the left. The line is not straight.

Population history[edit]

Year Population Change Density
2000 6,008 - 36/km²
2004 6,692 +684 or +11.4% 39.98 km²

External links[edit]

North: Passa-Quatro, Minas Gerais
West: Cruzeiro Lavrinha East: Queluz
South: Silveiras

Coordinates: 22°34′15″S 44°54′08″W / 22.57083°S 44.90222°W / -22.57083; -44.90222