Khroskyabs language

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Native to China
Region Sichuan
Native speakers
50,000  (1993)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 jiq
Glottolog guan1266[2]

Khroskyabs or Lavrung (native name: bósʁæi "Tibetan language",[3] Chinese: 绰斯甲语; pinyin: Chuòsījiǎ yǔ) is a Rgyalrongic language of China.[3] It is called Guanyinqiao in Ethnologue after a town in western Sichuan where one dialect of the language is spoken, Thugsrje Chenbo (Wylie: thugs rje chen bo). It has been referred to as Lavrung in previous publications.


Dialects of Khroskyabs include Wobzi (spoken in Jinchuan County), Thugsrje Chenbo, ‘Brongrdzong and Njorogs (Yèlóng 业隆).[3]


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