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Kuwait Police
شرطة (Shurta)
Common name Kuwaiti Police
Kuwait police logo.jpg
Logo of the Kuwait Police.
Agency overview
Formed 1961
Legal personality Governmental: Government agency
Jurisdictional structure
Governing body Ministry of Interior (Kuwait)
General nature
Operational structure
Headquarters Kuwait City
Stations 46
Official website

The Kuwait Police or Kuwaiti Police (Arabic: شرطة الكويت) comes under the Ministry of Interior of Kuwait, which maintains the security envelope and the rule of law and the state in Kuwait . Kuwaiti Police Agency was established in 1938, and since then, taking the development to include a number of different departments.


Security was out of date in Kuwait depends on Alfdawih, a group of armed men belonging to the Emir of Kuwait, and the markets it may guard called watchmen not exceeding twenty-guard, in 1929 established the Department of the municipality in Kuwait took it upon themselves to regulate the affairs of guards markets and collection fee guard from the shops.

In 1938 created the Department of Police Square Safat consisted of 60 police officers, and was founded also manages the Port Police then followed the development of a traffic police in the police force in 1959 was merged police department with the Public Security to form the Department of Police and Public Security, which represented the nucleus of the Ministry of Interior. Police work has evolved over time their work was initially limited to escorts, traffic and Arts and the emergence of the port police and traffic police.

After the independence of Kuwait reorganized the police department to become affiliated to the Ministry of Interior in 1962. The police Kuwait to train its members since the beginning of its establishment in 1938 and crystallized these efforts in the establishment of the Police College in 1969 and later renamed the Academy of Saad Al-Abdullah for Security Sciences and since then has expanded departments of the Ministry of Interior in order to keep pace with the needs of maintaining the time of Kuwait. In 2001 the Kuwaiti Council of Ministers approved the draft women police were admitted the first batch of women police in Saad Al-Abdullah Academy in 2007.

After 2011 Colonel Yaghoub Al-Sabah became head of the Kuwaiti police force. After the arab spring Al-Sabah has enforced new laws and tightened previous laws aiming to avoid any disruptions in Kuwait.