Law enforcement in Panama

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Public Force
National Police of Panama
National Police of Panama.
Service branches
Policía Nacional
(National Police)
Servicio Nacional de Fronteras (SENAFRONT) - escudo (shadows detail) - Panamá 2011.png
Servicio Nacional de Fronteras
(National Borders Service)

Servicio Nacional Aeronaval
(National Aeronaval Service)
Servicio de Protección Institucional (SPI) - Panamá 2011 (escudo).png
Servico de Protección Institucional
(Institutional Protection Service)

Panama abolished its army in 1990, confirmed by a unanimous vote by the National Assembly of Panama for constitutional change in 1994. Some units within the Public Force (Police, Coast Guard, Air Service and Institutional Security) have limited warfare capabilities.

Historic Civil Guards now abolished[edit]

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