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PNP Transito officer in Cusco

Law enforcement in Peru is divided into a national police force and municipal police forces. The Peruvian National Police (Spanish: Policía Nacional del Perú, PNP) is the national police force of Peru. The PNP functions at both a state and local level. Peruvian cities and districts of Lima have a dedicated municipal police force with limited jurisdiction known roughly as a "Watchman Unit" (Spanish: Unidad de Serenazgo). Serenazgo officers have less jurisdiction than the PNP but are not technically a neighborhood watch, which is composed of civilians.


The Peruvian National Police acts mainly, according to Peruvian reglamented law, as a traffic control force.[1] While it has other squadrons that nominally fight crime, the only effectively organized of them is Black Eagles, the bank security squadron. The majority of the police force is plagued by corruption.[2][3][4][5]

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