Lawrence Gresser

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Lawrence Gresser when he was Queens Borough President

Lawrence Gresser (January 1, 1851–January 30, 1935) was the Borough President of Queens, New York, USA from 1908 to 1911.[1]

Gresser was born in Bavaria, Germany. He was a shoemaker and emigrated to the United States. Gresser entered public service in Queens in 1898 and served as Commissioner of Public Works under Borough President Joseph Bermel. When Bermel suddenly resigned his office amid a political scandal in 1908, Gresser and Joseph Cassidy were contenders to take over the rest of his term. Cassidy was favored, having already held the office, but Gresser was named instead.[2]

Gresser was elected to his own term in 1909, but barely six months into this term he was accused of abusing his office and being incompetent. These charges were brought to the Governor of New York. After a lengthy investigation, Governor John A. Dix removed Gresser from office on September 27, 1911.[3]


Preceded by
Joseph Bermel
Borough President of Queens
Succeeded by
Maurice E. Connolly