Lawrence Teeter

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Lawrence Teeter
Born 1949
Died July 31, 2005(2005-07-31)
Conchitas, Mexico

Lawrence Teeter (1949 – July 31, 2005) was an American lawyer best known for being the attorney of Sirhan Sirhan, the man convicted of assassinating Robert F. Kennedy. Teeter died in Conchitas, Mexico of advanced lymphoma.[1][2]

Teeter signed on as Sirhan's lawyer in 1994 and repeatedly tried to get a retrial for his client in order to clear his name. However, he was unsuccessful in doing so right up to his death.[3] Besides Sirhan's case, Teeter also handled other cases, without charging a fee for many of them. In 2002, he helped a group submit legal opposition to a planned redesign of Los Angeles' Hollywood Bowl.[4] However, the redesign proceeded and the Bowl was reopened in 2004.


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