Lay Phyu

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Lay Phyu
Born (1965-05-19) 19 May 1965 (age 48)
Origin Inle, Shan State, Myanmar
Genres Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Slow Rock
Occupations Musician, Music Producer
Instruments Guitar, drums
Years active 1992 - present
Labels Iron Cross Entertainment
Associated acts Iron Cross, LMN
Notable instruments
Acoustic guitar

Lay Phyu (Burmese: ေလးျဖဴ, pronounced: [lé bjù]; born 19 May 1965) is a Burmese rock vocalist/guitarist. Lay Phyu is one of the most famous Music Artists in Myanmar. He rose to fame with his debut album Gandarya Lamin (Desert Moon).[1]


Lay Phyu was born in 19 May 1965 in Inlay Lake, Shan State, Myanmar along with his younger brother A Nge. He attended and graduated from Mandalay University with an English Major where he met Y Wine, one of the aspiring singers from Iron Cross Music band (a renowned rock band in Myanmar). He eventually joined the "Iron Cross" band, which was originally founded by Saw Byot Muu, a famous Karen guitarist. Later, Chit San Maung became the lead guitarist after Saw Byot Muu died. Later Ah Nge, Myo Gyi and Y Wine joined the new aspiring band.

Since his early career days, Lay Phyu became successful in his first album "Gandarya Lamin" (Desert Moon) and helped define the genre of Myanmar rock music. Much of his music was inspired by Bands such as Nazareth, Metallica,Van Halen,Scorpion,Dream Theatre, and Bon Jovi. Lay Phyu first started his path to fame when he covered English songs in Burmese. Later on, as he gained confidence and popularity in his music career, he began to compose his own music. Together with his Iron Cross associates, Lay Phyu has given a fresh boost to Myanmar's Music Industry.

Charity and outreach[edit]

In 2008, when Cyclone Nargis struck the South Western regions of Myanmar, Iron Cross as well as many other famous artists formed a collaboration of songs as to raise funds to help victims rebuild their livelihoods. The collaboration then proceeded to perform "Hands with love" by written by Raggie, raising awareness to Myanmar locals of the damage that natural disasters can cause to people's social, economic and environmental factors.

Iron Cross controversy[edit]

Several criticisms have been made of the band's theme that revolved around the term "Iron Cross". The fact has come to a shock to international viewers of the time by the Band's theme of Nazism with design arts of Eagles, swastikas, medals and especially the band's name itself. However, these influences are of innocuous origins and the band members were much unaware of the social taboo the subject of Fascism was. However, this trend has caught hold into much of Myanmar's youth culture, with items such as Storm-trooper stylized motorcycle helmets and other Nazi-themed accessories being marketed.[citation needed]

Lay Phyu in USA[edit]

Lay Phyu shot a new music video in USA for his new upcoming album. The video was shot in late 2012 by Burmese director Danyar.

( Photos from the set)


Solo albums[edit]

  1. Gandarya Lamin
  2. Pinle Aw Than
  3. Gandarya Pinle Lamin Aw Than (Live)
  4. Gita Myitzuri
  5. Power 54
  6. Gaba Thit Tay
  7. Kyein-Za
  8. Thargaung
  9. Einmet Kabya
  10. Leitpya (The Butterfly)
  11. Mummy Mya (The Mummies)
  12. Khana Lay Mya (The Moments)
  13. Bay of Bengal (BOB)
  14. Diary - Single Album (Released at 27-10-2013)


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  12. We Love Sea Game(2013)