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Directed by Thulasidas
Produced by R. B. Choudary
Written by Thulasidas
Starring Silk Smitha
Music by Jerry Amaldev
Cinematography Melly Dhayalan
Edited by G. Murali
Distributed by Super Good Films
Release dates 2000
Running time 110 mins
Country India
Language Malayalam

Layanam (India, 1989) is a Malayalam soft pornographic film. Produced and directed by Thulasidas, the movie was later dubbed in Tamil as Mudhal Paavam, Telugu, Kannada, and Hindi.[1] It was one of the biggest hits in the South Indian soft-porn industry, which has earned a cult status. The film stars Silk Smitha, Abhilasha, Devishri and Nandu (Brother of Malayalam actress Urvashi) . Actress Silk Smitha later committed suicide in 1996. Ten years after its release it was remade in Hindi as Reshma Ki Jawani (2002).[1] The uncensored movie was released in theaters in 1989 and the censored VCD version was released only in 2000 with many of the controversial scenes edited out from the film.


Layanam is the story of the sexual attraction of an older woman towards a young man and their relationship.


Layanam is the story of a boy (Nandu) who is seen to be on the run for no fault of his. He hides on the back of a car which belongs to silk Smitha. After the car goes some distance Smitha tells the boy who is hiding that she knows that he was hiding. Nandu says he wants to get down. Smitha tells him that he need not be worried if he's not made any mistake. Smitha stays alone. Guys in her neighborhood tease her, telling her if she needs any company in the night she can call any of them. Some days later smitha sees Nandu in a temple and comes to know that he is an orphan. So she takes him to her home as a servant. One day smitha teaches him how to drive a car. When her legs and boobs touch Nandu, he gets disturbed. Nandu tells smitha that he wants to leave. Smitha gets upset asking why he wants to leave. That's when nandu tells his flashback. He was working as a servant in a house . the teenage girl wanted to have sex with nandu. But nandu tries to avoid her. one day when no one is at home devika comes in a bra and panty and shows nandu porn magazines. nandu tries to go away but she hugs her. Nandu pushes her away and she gets injured. By then her parents come. Seeing her parents devika blames it on nandu that he was trying to rape her. Devika's father believes her but her mom is quite suspicious since she already knew her daughter's intentions of having sex with him. Nandu is beaten and gets chased and that's when he hides in smitha's car(at the starting of the film). Smitha really feels bad for nandu and apologises him. Nandu also feels happy that at least she knows the truth. Smitha's neighbours often have sex and sometimes smitha hears everything and she also feels a bit horny at times. Smitha's cousin Abilasha comes to stay in Smitha's home during summer. Even she has a crush on nandu initially. She also has a dream of having sex with Nandu. Neighbouring men tease abilasha that nandu is not just a driver-servant but had sex with Smitha. Smitha also gets upset when she sees Abilasha close to nandu and shouts at her. Abilasha gets angry and tells smitha about what neighbours are saying about nandu and leaves. Nandu tells smitha that she is getting bad name because of him and he also wants to leave, which is when Smitha tells her flashback. She was married to an army man but before their first night he gets killed during his duty. Nandu feels bad for smitha. One day smitha sees nandu semi naked and laughs. Some days later Nandu also by mistake happens to see smitha changing her clothes. They slowly start to like each other. One day they end up having sex. Smitha is fully happy to lose her virginity to Nandu. Later nandu says that he has made a mistake. Smitha tells that even she is equally responsible. They both decide to get married. Smitha's ex-husband who everyone thought was dead returns home and Smitha is shocked. The later part of story is about what happens.



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