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Laz may refer to the Laz people, who live by the Black Sea, or to their language. As a given name, Laz may be a diminutive for Lazar, Lazarus, Lazaro, or Lazaros. Laz or LAZ may refer to:


First name[edit]

  • Laz Alonso (born 1975), American actor
  • Laz Barrera (1924–1991), Cuban-born American racehorse trainer
  • Laz-D (born 1982), American rapper
  • Laz Díaz (born 1963), American baseball umpire


  • Don Laz (1929–1997), American pole vaulter
  • Jesse Laz (born 1983), American musician with the band Locksley
  • Wolfgang Laz (1514–1565), Austrian humanist


Other uses[edit]

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