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Lazar Baranovych (Ukrainian: Лазар Баранович; Polish: Łazarz Baranowicz); 1620–93, Ukraine) – was an Ukrainian Orthodox archbishop, temporary Metropolitan of Kiev, Galicia and All-Rus' (1657), (1659–61), (1670–1685).

Ecclesiastical, political, and literary figure, professor (1650) and rector of the Kyivan Mohyla College, bishop and archbishop of Chernihiv from 1657. He founded schools and monasteries. In 1674 he established the Novhorod-Siversk Press, which in 1679 was moved to Chernihiv.

He defended the independence of the Ukrainian clergy from the patriarch of Moscow. His sermons, written in a baroque style, were published in Mech dukhovny (The Spiritual Sword, 1666) and Truby sloves propovidnykh (The Trumpets of Preaching Words, 1674). He is the author of several polemical works against Catholicism in Polish and Ukrainian (see also Polemical literature); of a poetry collection in Polish, Lutnia Apollinowa (Apollo's Lute, 1671); and of a large correspondence.

He was temporary Metropolitan of Kyiv, Halychyna and All-Rus' in 1657, 1659–61 and 1670–85.


Preceded by
Anthony (Vinnitsky)
Metropolitan of Kyiv, Galychyna and All-Rus'
Succeeded by
Hedeon (Chetvertinsky)