Lazarev Sea

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Lazarev Sea as part of the Southern Ocean

The Lazarev Sea is a marginal sea of the Southern Ocean. It is located between the King Haakon VII Sea to the west and the Riiser-Larsen Sea to the east, or between the Prime Meridian of 0°0' and 14°E. The prevailing depth is 3000 meters, and the maximum depth exceeds 4500 meters. It stretches over an area of 929,000 km². [1]

To the south of Lazarev Sea lies Princess Astrid Coast of Queen Maud Land.

The Lazarev Sea is named after Russian Admiral and Explorer Mikhail Lazarev (1788-1851).


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Coordinates: 68°00′S 7°00′E / 68.000°S 7.000°E / -68.000; 7.000