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Lazer Team
Lazer Team film poster.jpg
Teaser poster
Directed by Matt Hullum
Produced by
Written by
  • Burnie Burns
  • Chris Demarais
  • Josh Flanagan
  • Matt Hullum
Story by Burnie Burns
Cinematography Philip Roy
Edited by David James Ward
Distributed by Fullscreen Films
Release dates
  • August 2015 (2015-08)[1]
Country United States
Language English
Budget $2.4 million (crowdfunding total)[2]

Lazer Team is an upcoming American science fiction comedy film directed by Matt Hullum and written by Burnie Burns, Chris Demarais, Josh Flanagan, and Hullum, taking place in present day.[3][4][5] It stars Burns, Gavin Free, Michael Jones, Colton Dunn, Allie DeBerry, and Alan Ritchson.[6][7] It is set to be released in 2015.[8][9]


"Lazer Team begins decades ago when the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence project received a one time signal from outer space, which was never decoded. Or so we were told. Unbeknownst to the general public, the secretly translated signal said two things: One, we are not alone, and two, the galaxy is a dangerous place. Working in total secrecy, the US government has been training a single Champion of Earth – a warrior of incredible skill to don a suit of unimaginable power designed by new alien allies in preparation for Earth’s battle for survival against an evil race of aliens. Unfortunately, the suit never made it all the way to its intended destination. Instead of a lone savior, four hapless idiots find the suit and are thrust into the role of heroes as the titular Lazer Team."[10]




The concept for Rooster Teeth's first live action feature was in development as early as 2010.[11] It was first announced at Halo Fest during PAX Prime 2011.[12] In February 2014, Burns confirmed the company was going to launch a crowdfunding campaign for the film as a way to offer more support options while gaining publicity.[13] Burns stated they were drawing inspirations from, "a lot of the sci-fi classics that we've grown up with," but were, "not making a parody and we’re not making a send-up- we’re making our own movie."[14] Freddie Wong was a consultant in shaping their campaign.[15]

In June 2014, the Indiegogo page for the film launched. The fundraiser reached its $650,000 goal in under 10 hours and broke Indiegogo’s record for the fastest film campaign to reach $700,000.[16][17] Within three days, Lazer Team broke $1 million.[18] As of 2015, Lazer Team holds the record for the highest funded film campaign on Indiegogo with over $2.4 million collected.[2] On the final day of the campaign, in celebration of becoming the highest-funded Indiegogo film, Rooster Teeth released a special $5 perk for a single fan to be cast in a walk-on role. So many people selected within 20 seconds of the perk going live that it slowed the site's ticketing system and allowed 535 people to purchase it. Burns confirmed they will be used for a crowd scene in the film.[19]

Burns explained during the campaign that as it makes more money, the film's budget scales up. "The initial budget for talent was based on making the movie on the bare minimum with us throwing in the remainder of the expected budget. For instance, that meant using talent almost exclusively from in-house. As the budget grows, so do our opportunities to approach all kinds of talent. The same applies to Visual FX, quality of props and costuming, lighting, crew, etc."[20] Hullum corroborated, stating that since the campaign started they've been contacted by multiple distribution companies, media companies and acting agencies.[21]

Casting calls and auditions for minor speaking roles in were held for attendees at RTX 2014.[22] Additional casting for extras was held during shooting.[23]


Principal photography began on October 14, 2014.[24] Filming took place over 40 days in Austin and New Mexico.[9][25] During the first week of production, filming took place at the Austin National Guard Armory, as well as the University of Texas at Austin.[26] Filming wrapped on December 13.[27] Reshoots started in late February 2015.


In January 2015 parent company Fullscreen announced that Lazer Team would be among the first titles in its newly launched feature film division.[28] Rooster Teeth stated they are platform-agnostic but are aiming for a theatrical release and announced it will hold an international premiere in Australia after a local fan, William O'Malley, asked the Rooster Teeth panel on the subject at PAX Australia 2014. Australia was chosen as it was the next highest country to donate in the crowd funding campaign, behind the USA and slightly ahead of Canada.[15] The first teaser was released to the public on February 20, followed by a full trailer release during SXSW on March 16th.[29] [30]


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