LeBer-LeMoyne House

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LeBer-LeMoyne House

LeBer-LeMoyne House (French: Maison LeBer-LeMoyne) is a historic house in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It located in the borough of Lachine, bordering the Saint Lawrence River, upriver from the Lachine Rapids and at the mouth of Lake Saint-Louis. Constructed between 1669 and 1671, it is the oldest standing structure on the Island of Montreal.[1] It was built by two merchants from Montreal, Jacques Le Ber and Charles Le Moyne and was used as a fur trade camp in New France.[1]

LeBer-LeMoyne House is the oldest known remaining building associated with LeMoyne and the fur trade in New France. It was recognized as a National Historic Site of Canada on June 19, 2002.[2]


LeBer-LeMoyne House is considered an example of French Colonial architecture. The cedar shingles on the roof and lack of dormers are considered to be some of this style's characteristics.[1]

Museum (1948-present)[edit]

Commemorative plaque.

In 1948, LeBer-LeMoyne House became a local history and taxidermy museum, and was known as Manoir Lachine.[1]

Today, LeBer-LeMoyne House.is part of the Lachine Museum (French: Musée de Lachine). The Lachine Museum has an archeological collection as well as an art collection, most notably the sculpture garden known as the Musée plein air de Lachine. The sculpture garden is one of the largest in Canada and regroups works by artists including Bill Vazan, Robert Roussil, Ulysse Comtois, Michel Goulet and Pierre Leblanc.

The Lachine Museum offers a series of exhibitions and free activities. It is near Angrignon Metro station, and is also served by the 110 and 120 buses operated by the Société de transport de Montréal.


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