LeRoy Sanitarium

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The LeRoy Sanitarium, was founded in 1928 by Alice Fuller LeRoy. It was renamed the Leroy Hospital and closed in 1980.[1]

Notable patients[edit]


  1. ^ Pollak, Michael (November 28, 2004). "From Hospital to Home". New York Times. Retrieved 2009-11-30. "LeRoy Sanitarium, founded in 1928 by Alice Fuller LeRoy, was at 40 East 61st Street, off Madison Avenue, and had 54 beds. It was mainly a private treatment center for wealthy people but was also a maternity hospital. Aristotle Onassis' daughter, Christina, was born there in December 1950. Celebrities like Nat King Cole and Judy Garland were treated there. ... The hospital, renamed Leroy Hospital, later became a center for osteopathic medicine. It closed in 1980. The narrow Art Deco building was converted into a 37-unit residential condominium a few years later."