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For the pioneer driver and aviator, see Hubert Le Blon.

The Le Blon was a French automobile manufactured in Paris by Le Blon Frères in 1898 or from 1898-1900. It was a voiturette similar to the Benz, with a 4 hp twin-cylinder engine. Some cars were sold in England under the name "Lynx".

Le Blon Frères was based at (Maus, de la Forêt), 56, rue du Vieux Pont de Sèvres, Boulogne-Billancourt.[1]

It is possible that 23 year old pioneer motorist Hubert Le Blon was one of the brothers.[citation needed] After the Le Blon Frères business closed (1899-1900) he started to work with Léon Serpollet whose factory in the 18th arrondissement was about 10km away. Le Blon competed in the Gardner-Serpollet steam car from 1901 onwards.


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