Le Bureau

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For other television programmes using this format, see The Office.
Le Bureau
The cast of Le Bureau
The cast of Le Bureau
Genre Comedy
Created by Ricky Gervais
Stephen Merchant
Country of origin France
Original language(s) French
Production company(s) Capital United Nations Entertainment
The Identity Company
Original run 25 May 2006 – 30 June 2006
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Le Bureau is a 2006 French television show that aired on Canal+. It is a French version of the popular British television series The Office. Le Bureau essentially adapted the scripts of the original British series, with proper names and cultural references appropriately changed.


It takes place in Villepinte, a business park in the northeast suburbs of Paris.

The series stars François Berléand as Gilles Triquet, France's version of David Brent. Another notable actor, Jérémie Elkaïm of Presque rien fame, also stars in the series playing the French version of Tim Canterbury.

Filming with the French cast was completed in early February; the series began airing on 25 May 2006.

It is the first foreign-language remake of the show, although the German series Stromberg used the The Office as a basis for its show format. A dubbed version of the first UK series that ran on cable in France in 2004 fared poorly.

Season schedule[edit]

Episode Number Canal+ Canal+ Décalé
Episode 1 25 May 2006 10:15 25 May 2006 10:40
Episode 2 1 June 2006 10:25 3 June 2006 8:15
Episode 3 8 June 2006 10:55 10 June 2006 8:10
Episode 4 22 June 2006 10:15 24 June 2006 8:15
Episodes 5 – 6 30 June 2006 10:15

DVD releases[edit]

The DVD was released on 28 August 2006.

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