Le Coucher de la Mariée

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Le Coucher de la Mariée
Directed by Léar (Albert Kirchner)
Produced by Eugène Pirou
Starring Louise Willy
Release dates 1896
Running time 7min
Country France
Language Silent

Le Coucher de la Mariée or Bedtime for the Bride or The Bridegroom's Dilemma is a French erotic short film and considered to be one of the first pornographic films (or "stag party films") made. The film was shot in 1896, the same year that the first public film exhibition took place.[1] Le Coucher de la Mariée was produced by Eugène Pirou and directed by Léar (real name Albert Kirchner).

The short stars cabaret performer Louise Willy[2] who recreated a striptease from her cabaret act during a bath scene, along with an unknown actor.

The film was released in the United States in 1903.

General information[edit]

The original film was about 7 minutes long, but after it spent years collecting dust in the vaults at the French Film Archives, only two minutes (which includes merely foreplay) of the film have survived.

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