Le Radeau de la Méduse

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For other uses, including the painting by Théodore Géricault See: Radeau (disambiguation)'

Le Radeau de la Méduse (The Raft of the Méduse) is a French film by Iradj Azimi (1994).


1816. After the Battle of Waterloo, Louis XVIII is restored to the French throne. De Rochefort sets sail for Senegal on the frigate Méduse, captained by Captain Chaumareys, with the future governor of Senegal and his wife, Julien and Reine Schmaltz, on board. In no time, the atmosphere of the voyage is thick with hatred and mistrust. The tension mounts between the autocratic, incompetent Captain Chaumareys and Coudein, his lieutenant, until one fine day in June, despite Coudein's warnings, the Méduse is inexplicably wrecked.


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