Le bonheur de vivre

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For other uses, see Joy of life.
Le bonheur de vivre
Bonheur Matisse.jpg
Artist Henri Matisse
Year 1905-06
Type Oil on canvas
Dimensions 176.5 cm × 240.1 cm (69.5 in × 94.75 in)
Location Barnes Foundation, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Le bonheur de vivre ("The Joy of Life") is a painting by Henri Matisse. In the central background of the piece is a group of figures that is similar to the group depicted in his painting "The Dance". In the picture, there are several nude bodies of women and men in a landscape drenched with color.

According to Hilton Kramer Le bonheur de vivre owing to its long sequestration in the collection of the Barnes Foundation, which never permitted its reproduction in color, is the least familiar of modern masterpieces. Yet this painting was Matisse's own response to the hostility his work had met with in the Salon d'Automne of 1905, a response that entrenched his art even more deeply in the esthetic principles that had governed his Fauvist paintings which had caused a furor and which did so on a far grander scale, too."[1] (The "sequestration" Kramer referred to relates to the very limited hours of the museum, when its collection was located in suburban Merion, PA; in 2012, the collection was moved to a new, more accessible facility in downtown Philadelphia.)


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