Le cave se rebiffe

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Le cave se rebiffe / The Counterfeiters of Paris
Le cave se rebiffe.jpg
Directed by Gilles Grangier
Produced by Cité Films (Paris), Compagnia Cinematografica Mondiale (Rome)
Written by After the novel by Albert Simonin (Gallimard/Série Noire 206, Paris 1954)
Starring Jean Gabin
Bernard Blier
Martine Carol
Music by Francis Lemarque, Michel Legrand (Éditions Mondialmusic)
Release dates September, 27 1961
Running time 98 minutes
Country France/Italy
Language French, German

Le cave se rebiffe French: The Counterfeiters of Paris, is a French comedy film from 1961, directed by Gilles Grangier, written by Michel Audiard, starring Jean Gabin, Bernard Blier and Martine Carol. The Counterfeiters of Paris [1]



The character of Max disappears in the film adaptation of the work of Simonin, but the plot of this story and the central characters of "the Dabe " and "the Cave" remain the same.

In the film by Gilles Grangier , Charles Lepicard , Mr. Lucas and Eric Masson Malvoisin want to start a business of "false mornifle ". Eric thinks he has under control an outstanding engraver called Robert Mideau (aka the " Cave "), supposedly in the language of thugs , an ordinary, gullible and ignorant individual.

But the business will only becomes possible with the help of Marshal Ferdinand aka " The Dabe " a former top notch counterfeiter. Retired in the tropics after his last and failed counterfeit case , he receives a visit from Charles , who offered him one last time anthology counterfeit on the Florin currency . The Dabe agrees to take the case and returned to Paris . Fine team gets to work . Under the leadership of Dabe , Robert Mideau does not show as "cave" as expected ...


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