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Le Livre noir du colonialisme (The black book of colonialism), written by French historian Marc Ferro, is a 2003 book containing several articles from various historians about the evils of colonialism.[1]

Marc Ferro himself wrote only the introduction and two articles, one on the genocide of Native Americans and the other on the conquest of Algeria. The book reads like a series of articles on specific subjects. They are divided by their related continents in chapters. The first chapter is about the Americas and Australia, with articles on the Spanish and Portuguese domination, slavery, Native Americans, French Guiana, Haitian War of Independence and the treatment of the Aborigines.

The second chapter is about Asia and includes articles on the Russian conquest of the Caucasus, the British in India, the Dutch Indies, French Indochina, the Indochina War and Japanese colonialism.

The third chapter is on Africa, and it touches slavery, racism, the Belgian Congo, Portuguese colonization, French colonization, British colonization, the Arabs in Zanzibar, the Conquest of Algeria, the Algerian War, and the decolonization movements.

The final chapters are about the treatment of women in the colonies, a critic of the philosophy of Negritude, how colonization appeared in music and cinema and finally, the subject of compensations from former colonial powers to their former colonies.

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