Lea River

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Lea River[edit]

Lea River
Origin Lake Lea
Mouth Lake Gairdner (Tasmania)
Basin countries Australia
Source elevation 818m
Mouth elevation 472m

The Lea River is a steep continuous river, with an average gradient of 27m/km and a peak grade of 45m/km[1] that runs from Lake Lea to Lake Gairdner.

Dan Hall and Rob Parker boofing First Drop, on their way to winning the 10th anniversary race

The river flows during the Tasmanian winter and spring, with flow reducing over the dryer summer months.

The Lea river is a remote wilderness area, the river is the site of the annual Lea Extreme Race


Named Places on the Lea River[edit]

Source, Lake Lea 41°30′56.52″S 145°56′08.83″E / 41.5157000°S 145.9357861°E / -41.5157000; 145.9357861 (Lea River source)
First Drop 41°28′25.12″S 146°02′55.65″E / 41.4736444°S 146.0487917°E / -41.4736444; 146.0487917 (First Drop)
Dog Leg
Screaming Plastic Surgeons
Proctoligists' Twist
Mouth, Lake Gairdner 41°28′16.66″S 146°03′55.49″E / 41.4712944°S 146.0654139°E / -41.4712944; 146.0654139 (Lea River mouth)