Lea Salonga (album)

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Lea Salonga
Studio album by Lea Salonga
Released 1993 (Philippines & United States)
Recorded 1992-1993
Genre OPM/R&B
Label Musiko/Atlantic
Producer Glen Ballard
Lea Salonga chronology
Lea Salonga
I'd Like to Teach The World to Sing

Lea Salonga is the third studio album by the Filipino Broadway pop singer Lea Salonga. It was her first album to receive an international release in 1993 through Atlantic Records, making her the first Filipino singer to be signed on an international record label.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Vision of You
  2. Every Time We Fall
  3. It's Just Good-Bye
  4. Finish What You Started
  5. Heaven Tonight
  6. We Could Be In Love (duet with Brad Kane)
  7. Lessons of Love
  8. Remind My Heart
  9. I Honestly Love You
  10. A Flame for You
  11. The Journey



Album Chart Position
Lea Salonga Philippine Pop Albums Chart 1
Philippine R&B/Soul Albums Chart 1
Billboard Hot 200 44
Malay Album Chart 1
Thai Album Chart 1
Indonesian Album Chart 1
Indian Album Chart 26


Song Chart Position
Vision of You Philippine Top 40 2
Every Time We Fall Philippine Top 40 1
Philippine R&B/Soul Top 20 1
We Could Be in Love Philippine Top 40 1