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LeadDesk is a cloud-based computer software that supports the sales, research and customer service of an organization happening over the phone. The software is offered on a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) service. LeadDesk combines a CRM, Campaign Management and customer database with calling. LeadDesk is used by around 500 organizations globally, and it is used to make an average of 500 000 sales calls per week. LeadDesk-service fits many different service categories. Sales Automation, Marketing Automation, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Call Center Software and Lead Management -services and software typically have similar features as LeadDesk.


LeadDesk was developed by a software company called ComDashboard Ltd in 2009.[1] In 2013 the company changed its name to match their product and became LeadDesk Ltd. They also appointed a new CEO, Olli Nokso-Koivisto. The company's turnover in 2011 was around 1.0 million USD.[2] ComDashboard has their main office in Helsinki (Finland) and a development unit in Lappeenranta (Finland). The company also has sales units in several other European countries.

Financial success and international awards[edit]

The LeadDesk-service reached total sales of around 700 000 euros in 2011. The Finnish economic newspaper Talouselämä reported in their 5.4.2012 -issue that LeadDesk managed to grab a spot in the finals of both the Slush 2011[3] and the Red Herring 100 Europe 2012[4] startup events. In 2012 Tekes, a Finnish funding agency for technology and innovation, chose LeadDesk for their NIY-startup program. According to another Finnish economic newspaper Kauppalehti (issue of 31.8.2012) ComDashboard's turnover grew by over 1000% and that their ”profitability measured by return on investment is excellent.”[2]

Customers, functionalities, and technical description[edit]

LeadDesk is a solution for sales, telemarketing, telephone research and customer service. Users include freelancers and big corporations from around the world. The majority of LeadDesk users operate in Inside Sales, B2B and B2C telesales, and book sales meetings or do telephone interviews.

The service can be used as an ”all-in-one” solution, so that all functionalities from campaign management to calling happen inside the same program. The other option is to opt for a lighter ”click-to-call” -solution, which is used if contact management happens in a separate web based system (i.e. ERP/CRM such as Salesforce.com), and LeadDesk is used for calling, following call statistics and managing call history. Users can have either solution in use for their individual sales agents, so that both solutions can be in use in the same organization at the same time.

LeadDesk (especially the ”all-in-one” solution) has several features that boost sales and calling and improve quality. These features include following sales through statistics, predictive calling (semi- and fully automatic), predictive calling, call filter, call recordings.

Technically LeadDesk is fairly simple and reliable. It has been built using PHP, SQL/MySQL and JS/Ajax. For call termination LeadDesk supports landline, GSM and VoIP connections and the user can select the best solution for themselves.[5]

Benefits of LeadDesk[edit]

LeadDesk offers calls, high conversion rates, and coordinated campaign management. It does not require big investments to start using, does not require customer staff to be computer experts, and it works with existing legacy systems (such as a CRM/ERP). By using LeadDesk a company can manage and create transparency in its calling operations. With LeadDesk a company can manage campaigns, contact lists, and other important functions and information from one place. LeadDesk offers real time sales information in support of daily operations, and statistics to facilitate long term strategies. The service does not involve a long contract, and does not require a heavy infrastructure.[6]


LeadDesk has faced some critique as well. In 2009 when the product was in the development phase, the reliability of the service was sometimes less than satisfactory. It is also missing some functionalities (such as complex customer service technology and telephone switchboard). The owners of LeadDesk LTD and the coders behind the product also admit that the product has been developed for European and emerging markets, so it might not perfectly fit the requirements of some users, such as in the United States. Due to these deficiencies in software functionalities, LeadDesk Ltd has had to change their business strategy to aim mainly for the markets of Scandinavia and Central Europe instead of global markets.[citation needed]


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