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Leader of the Opposition
Stefan Löfven 26 jan 2012 1.jpg
Stefan Löfven

since 27 January 2012
Term length While leader of the largest political party not in government
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The Leader of the Opposition (Swedish: Oppositionsledaren) is a title traditionally held by the leader of the largest party not in government in the Riksdag, the national legislative assembly and the supreme decision-making body in Sweden. As of 2013 the Leader of the Opposition is Stefan Löfven, the Chairman of the Swedish Social Democratic Worker's Party.

List of Leaders of the Opposition (since 1930)[edit]

The table lists the people who were, or who acted as, Leaders of the Opposition since 1930.

Between 1939 and 1945, Per Albin Hansson from the Social Democrats led a national unity government consisting the Social Democrats, the National Organisation of the Right, the Farmers' League and the People's Party to keep the Socialist Party and the Swedish Communist Party outside Governmental influence during the Second World War.

Håkan Juholt resigned with immediate effect on 21 January 2012. The Social Democrats were without party leader from 21 January to 27 January 2012, during which time the second largest opposition party leaders, Gustav Fridolin and Åsa Romson from the Green Party, served as opposition leaders. This was the first time in Swedish history that the position of Leader of the Opposition was held by two persons.

Date Principal Opposition Party Leader of the Opposition Prime Minister
7 June 1930 National Organisation of the Right Arvid Lindman Carl Gustaf Ekman
Felix Hamrin
Per Albin Hansson
1935 Gösta Bagge
19 June 1936 Social Democrats Per Albin Hansson Axel Pehrsson-Bramstorp
28 September 1936 National Organisation of the Right Arvid Lindman Per Albin Hansson
13 December 1939 Socialist Party Nils Flyg
October 1940 Communist Party of Sweden Sven Linderot
31 July 1945 National Organisation of the Right Gösta Bagge
Tage Erlander
January 1949 Liberal People's Party Bertil Ohlin
June 1958 Rightist Party Jarl Hjalmarson
January 1961 Liberal People's Party Bertil Ohlin
January 1969 Centre Party Gunnar Hedlund
Olof Palme
1971 Thorbjörn Fälldin
8 October 1976 Social Democrats Olof Palme Thorbjörn Fälldin
Ola Ullsten
Thorbjörn Fälldin
8 October 1982 Moderate Party Ulf Adelsohn Olof Palme
23 August 1986 Carl Bildt Ingvar Carlsson
4 October 1991 Social Democrats Ingvar Carlsson Carl Bildt
7 October 1994 Moderate Party Carl Bildt Ingvar Carlsson
Göran Persson
4 September 1999 Bo Lundgren
25 October 2003 Fredrik Reinfeldt
6 October 2006 Social Democrats Göran Persson Fredrik Reinfeldt
17 March 2007 Mona Sahlin
25 March 2011 Håkan Juholt
27 January 2012 Social Democrats Stefan Löfven

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