Leah Renee Cudmore

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Leah Renee Cudmore
Born (1985-10-01) October 1, 1985 (age 29)
Canada Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Occupation Actress, singer
Years active 1996–present

Leah Renee Cudmore (born October 1, 1985), often credited as Leah Cudmore or Leah Renee,[1][2] is a Canadian actress and singer.[3]

She has had recurring roles in television series including MVP, Runaway and Blue Mountain State. As a voice actor she has performed in series including Franklin and Growing Up Creepie. In 2011 she acquired notoriety co-starring "Bunny Alice" in the NBC series The Playboy Club.[4] She currently stars as Maggie Bronson on the Canadian sitcom Satisfaction.[5]

As a singer, in February 2009 she released her first single, "iBF (Imaginary Boyfriend)".[3] Some months later, she also released her debut CD, Storybook, composed of eleven pieces, her first single included. She co-wrote all songs of her first album.[3]


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