Leangen Ishall

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Leangen Ishall
Location Trondheim, Oslo, Norway
Coordinates 63°25′40″N 10°27′58″E / 63.42778°N 10.46611°E / 63.42778; 10.46611Coordinates: 63°25′40″N 10°27′58″E / 63.42778°N 10.46611°E / 63.42778; 10.46611
Owner Trondheim Kommune
Capacity 3,000
Surface Ice
Opened 1977
Trondheim Black Panthers (–2008)
Rosenborg IHK

Leangen Ishall is an indoor ice hockey arena located in Leangen, Trondheim, Norway. The capacity of the arena is 3,000 and it was opened in 1977.[1] It is the home arena of the Rosenborg ice hockey team. The arena also hosted the home games of the Trondheim Black Panthers ice hockey team.

Located next to the arena is Leangen Kunstisbane an outdoor long track artificial speed skating oval constructed in 1979.[2]


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