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LearnStreet was a company that provides an online education website for computer programmers. The website offered beginner level courses for Ruby, Python, and JavaScript.[1] In 2012 the company received USD $1 million in venture capital from Khosla Ventures.[2] The company was conceived by Sun Microsystems co-founder and venture capitalist Vinod Khosla and WhoWhere? and eGain co-founder Gunjan Sinha.[2]


LearnStreet was backed by Khosla Ventures. Khosla has also invested in related programs such as Interview Street, a company that helps organizations create customized programming tests and evaluate candidates based on their programming skills.

LearnStreet's philosophy included the idea that a person's coding skills from school and university, such as being able to write a sorting algorithm, does not match very well with the professional skills needed for employment in the software industry. LearnStreet staff said that they try to mitigate this problem through a potentially useful web interface. The interface of LearnStreet included videos, some standalone programming projects collectively known as the Code Garage, and other components. The point of the startup was to allow people to use multiple ways to overcome basic issues that beginning programmers often face. LearnStreet attempted to provide a multinodal learning environment, using both in-browser coding and instructional videos,[2] much like how KnowledgeGrid offers multiple nodes (methods for learning) as well as directed edges ("arrows" or "guidance lines") that connect those nodes to facilitate comprehension and overall understanding. Learnstreet sent out an email on July 22, 2014 stating that their website would be shutting down on July 31st of this year, without any reasoning. On August 1, 2014 the website ceased to function.


  • Best Technology Award at launchEDU 2012[3]


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