Lebanese in Greece and Cyprus

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Lebanese Greek
Image-ESC 2007 Greece - Sarbel-Yassou Maria.jpg, Marco Baghdatis at the 2006 Indian Wells Masters
Notable Greeks of Lebanese origin:
Sarbel, Rony Seikaly, Marcos Baghdatis
Total population
20,000 Lebanese in Cyprus,30,000 people of Lebanese descent in Greece.
Regions with significant populations
Cyprus, Athens, Thessaloniki, Piraeus
Greek language and Arabic language.
Mostly Greek Orthodox Christian.
Related ethnic groups
Other Lebanese people and Arab people.

Lebanese Greek include people originating from Lebanon who have migrated to Greece and Cyprus and their descendents.

History and settlement[edit]

Migration from Lebanon to Greece started after 1975 during the Lebanese Civil War. Most Lebanese came from Koura District in North Lebanon, which is mostly a Greek Orthodox area.


There are 20,000 Lebanese in Cyprus and 30,000 Lebanese people in Greece. During the civil war the number was higher,however after the end of the war many Lebanese returned to their homeland.

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