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The Lebanese Muslim Association is an Australian non-profit welfare organisation based in Lakemba, a south-western suburb of Sydney. It is also variously cited as the Lebanese "Moslem", "Moslems" or "Muslims" Association.

The Association was founded between 1961 and 1962 as a community project aiming to serve the "social, religious, recreational and educational" needs of Australian Muslims, and to advocate on their behalf in pursuit of these aims.[1][2] The Association also owns and operates Lakemba Mosque, which is situated close to its head office and is the venue for most of its programs and events.[3]


Lebanese Muslims left the NSW Islamic Society in 1961 to form the Lebanese Muslim Association.[4] The LMA was formally registered as an Australian company limited by guarantee in 1973 and listed as The Lebanese Moslem Association.[5] The entity is registered as a charity, but is not entitled to receive tax deductible gifts.[6]


In 2002, the LMA had more than 1100 financial members, with more than 5000 members attending Friday congregational prayers and "over tens of thousands" (members and non-members) using the Association's facilities on festive occasions.[2] Sheikh Taj El-Din Hilaly, the former Mufti of Australia, is also linked to the LMA, being one of its clerical advisors and an Imam at Lakemba Mosque.[7]

Public figure and spokesperson Samier Dandan has been both vice-president[2] and president[8] in his time with the LMA. Its president is Samier Dandan.[9]


In an interview in April 2014 Sheik Taj El-Din Hilaly was critical the Lebanese Muslim Association, saying they, "don’t seem to have any direction".[10]

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