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voivode of the Hungarians
Reign early 9th century (?)
Successor Álmos (?)

Levedi, also called Lebedias, Levedias, and Lebedi was the first known voivode of the Hungarians.[1] Levedi's wife was a Khazar princess, and he was close to the Khazar ruling dynasty. He may himself have been part Khazar. According to Constantine VII Porphyrogenitus' De administrando imperio, the Khazars sought to make Levedi the paramount ruler of all the Hungarian tribes, but he refused, possibly because he was childless or because his close ties to the Khazar government were resented by other Magyar leaders. Instead, Levedi proposed Álmos and his son Árpád as leaders of the Magyars. The Magyar settlement between the Volga river and the Urals the mountains were named Lebedia soon to become Levedia after Levedi.[2]


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